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Day 289 of Project 365: Injection Induction

O, our sweet cat. Torgi is definitely diabetic and has to have twice-daily insulin injections from now on. The three of us went to the vet's to learn all about the injections, treating hypoglycaemia (a word that looks so much scarier with the British spelling), and our new world order.

Day 289 of Project 365: Injection Induction

FunkyPlaid and I had already administered subcutaneous injections before, but we had to practise on our baby with saline as the vet supervised. Afterwards, we discussed the logistics and timing of it all while Torgi wandered around the examination room and opened cabinets with his little monkey paws.

Our immediate future will be a bit challenging as we figure out what Torgi's optimal insulin dosage is, which requires a bit of trial and error as well as close observation. Our focus is on stabilising Torgi while keeping an eye on the mass, since we'll be going back to the vet's every few weeks for blood glucose tests. 

Both Zen and Torgi have had smoked salmon -- not the treats, mind you, but actual smoked salmon -- twice in two days now. Zen thinks it's Christmas.

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