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Day 285 of Project 365: Doing Something

Sometimes it is important to do something, anything, to break out of a pointless and negative thought-spiral. I was in one of these today after we took our cats to the vet for a yearly check-up. Zen is built like a furry tank, hale and hearty. And we found out that Torgi is diabetic and also has a sizeable mass in his abdomen. He does not seem to be in any distress, and we will find out how to move forward later on this week, but it still brings up the issue of the mortality of our furkids, which isn't anything I want to face, now or ever.

So I blocked a lace scarf I finished knitting almost two years ago. I was in a state when I did it, so it was not my best effort, but I felt better for finally doing it.

Day 285 of Project 365: Doing Something

There are too many things to say, and not enough things to say. And so it goes.

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