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Day 263 of Project 365: Paws Up

I leave in the morning for San Francisco. The cats mostly ignored my packing and cleaning noises today. Torgi hid, because he hates those noises. Zen opted for sunbathing.

Day 263 of Project 365: Paws Up

After the sun went down, Zen decided to lounge in different places she is not supposed to be, like on top of freshly-laundered clothing before I've had the chance to pack it or put it away. And Torgi just caught me as I was downloading something, jumped up on my lap, and won't let me get up again. He rubs his little face against my chin and purrs.

Although it is hard to leave the furkids, I am finally excited for my trip. Friends! And sunshine! And burritos! And a wedding! And the Pacific! And burritos!

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