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Day 262 of Project 365: Winding Down

Gingiber and I perused the the West End Fair today, which was a perfect way to spend a sunny, warm day escaping from (most of) the chaos. We also ate giant baked potatoes whilst watching performers hand out flyers. Later Seth joined us and we had tea in The Library Bar, pictured below.

Day 262 of Project 365: Winding Down

Tea could not keep me awake, so I made my way home, realising with some sadness that my first Fringe experience is winding down. With that realisation comes some excitement for my trip to the Bay Area on Monday. I’ve missed FunkyPlaid so much, and cannot wait to see our friends there. The cats are watching me very carefully as I fiddle with suitcases.

No travel preparation would be complete without a healthy dose of procrastination, so here is a silly video that made me laugh.

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