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Day 256 of Project 365: Constant Companions

The past few days I have slept ten hours per night, which can only mean that I am experiencing a long-overdue (and much-dreamed-of) growth spurt and will actually wake up 5'9" tall, or I have been enjoying myself so much that not even the cats can bladder-punch my recharge time.

Looking at my calendar for the next week, I decided to take Sunday off from the Fringe and catch up on some lazing-about time and, let's face it, some chores that this temporary bachelorette had been avoiding.

The cats were pleased with my decision, and celebrated by not leaving me alone even for a second for fear I'd do something irresponsible like venture out of kibble-dispensing range.

Day 256 of Project 365: Constant Companions

How could I disappoint them?

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