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Day 255 of Project 365: Inner Depths

Saturday passed in a blur -- a happy, Fringe-saturated blur that began with dress-shopping with Gingiber, and neither of us came to any harm. It was even, dare I say it, successful, in that it resulted in an actual purchase of an actual dress I actually love. This is an important enough happenstance that it will get its own entry and photograph next week.

But back to Saturday, which I spent most of in input-addled, open-mouthed amazement, my only defence for the lack of pictures. This one I snapped during a brief moment of coherence in one of the more astonishing venues, an open-air beer garden tucked away inside Underbelly at Cowgate.

Day 255 of Project 365: Inner Depths

We saw three more shows, including Best of the Fest Variety, which took place inside an amazing spiegeltent I was again too stupefied by to photograph. Seth got some great shots of the Bongo Club Cabaret, although skip them if you are at work or easily offended by nudity or Hitler. (No nude Hitlers here, though.)

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