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Day 252 of Project 365: Chalk Compass

It's Fringe time, which means that magical things appear. FunkyPlaid and I saw this being started last week. The artist was pacing out distances and making little marks. Now it is a gorgeous compass that I think is accurate but I can't be counted on to know such things. I just live here.

Day 252 of Project 365: Chalk Compass

I got West in this snap because FunkyPlaid is in the air, headed that way as I write this. The cats are doing what they did when we all did this last year: wandering around and meowing for him. I don't meow but a few times I've gotten up to go into the other room to tell him something.

I bought a bunch of nectarines and I don't even know if I like nectarines. I also made pumpkin risotto, but I do know that I like pumpkin risotto. Risotto is naturally gluten-free, and pumpkin is naturally awesome.

Pumpkin risotto.

When in doubt, make comfort food, read fiction, and watch Ryan Gosling do stuff.

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