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Day 249 of Project 365: Dinner Date

As a holiday gift last year, FunkyPlaid's father and stepmother gave us gift vouchers to The Stockbridge Restaurant. We finally scheduled a dinner date to enjoy the gift. It was well worth the wait, and we will certainly return. The food was amazing, and I was pleased that the choices I made were gluten-free by design. (The service was so excellent that I am sure they would have accommodated my restriction graciously, but I hate even having to ask.)

Day 249 of Project 365: Dinner Date

Pictured, clockwise from top left: amuse-bouche of parma ham and spring onions; amaretto coffee with petit fours; pigeon with red onion compote and black pudding; duck breast with foie gras and dauphinoise potato.

The photos could have been better, but I was busy savouring the food, wine, and conversation. I was also pleased to note the presence of a print of F.C.B. Cadell's "The Blue Fan" over FunkyPlaid's right shoulder; I saw the original in the Dean just a few days earlier.

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