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Day 240 of Project 365: Crumpled

Today I hit some serious photo fatigue. We had full Scottish breakfasts and toured the vaults and everything, yet I could not manage a photo until dinnertime.

Day 240 of Project 365: Crumpled

I haven't regretted the daily photo project, but some days my brainmeats are consumed by something else, and I'm not referring to the "being in the moment" stuff. I could not stop thinking about the Aurora shooting and how the victims just wanted to go see a movie and now they are dead.

There is a lot of hot air blowing just now about gun control and secularism and violence in movies and politics politics politics. I don't have anything to add to that, and I don't want to disparage it, either, because everyone processes the unfathomable differently. I just want to say that I am sorry that this happened and I am sorry that getting shot in the face seems to be an acceptable risk of being out in public.

We haven't evolved much at all, and I am sorry.

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