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Day 189 of Project 365: Pastoral

Day 189 of Project 365: Pastoral by cygnoir
Day 189 of Project 365: Pastoral, a photo by cygnoir on Flickr.

Say hello to the Highland cattle of Blair Castle. We met these gorgeous creatures as well as horses, sheep, and peacocks during our tour of the castle grounds.

Before our pastoral adventure, Hawk and I greeted the day with a solid run, ending week four of my nine-week 5K training. Then FunkyPlaid took us on a lovely drive to Pitlochry and Killiecrankie as well as the Edradour distillery. Post-castle, we came back to Edinburgh and feasted on sushi at our favourite local place. While I would love to post more photos, my eyes are closing … it was another 20,000+ step day.

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