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Day 182 of Project 365: Glass Half Full

First of all, this was taken at ten past ten in the evening, and this shot is directly from my iPhone, no brightening. I know I keep talking about how light it is outside, but wow! It was light outside. And so warm! The giant gaping hole in the earth you see is the result of the ever-present tram works. It is an even sadder sight in person. I hope the local government can salvage something from this whole debacle.

Day 182 of Project 365: Glass Half Full

Tonight we really needed to get out of the house for something other than market trips and training runs, so we walked to Wannaburger. As I am avoiding nightshades to see if I have an allergy, that meant not only the usual lack of hamburger bun but also no ketchup (tomatoes) or mustard (paprika) or fries (potatoes). Mayonnaise is in, at least. I got my cheeseburger on a side salad, which I enjoyed with some yoghurt mint dressing after picking the tomatoes off.

Over dinner, we talked about this potential new allergy and how it will limit my diet even further. We discussed the mindset that I'm working very hard to cultivate, eschewing negativity and complaints in favour of a more positive mindset. It's easy for me to backslide into self-pity and self-doubt, so I have to work pretty hard at this. I love food so much that my typical reaction to all of the health issues has been one of sadness and defeat. But that's not working for me anymore, so I have to change how I see it.

Our walk took us past the Filmhouse, and instead of rushing back home we stopped in for a cup of tea and a mocha while perusing the latest film offerings and talking about what we wanted to see. On the way home, I felt very tuned into the city not only as our new address but as a place with its own identity and culture and history that I know maybe .001% of so far. I feel extremely lucky to be able to explore it as a long-term resident.

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