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Day 180 of Project 365: Clematis

Day 180 of Project 365: Clematis by cygnoir
Day 180 of Project 365: Clematis, a photo by cygnoir on Flickr.

It was a strikingly sunny day in Edinburgh. The cats were in heaven, sprawled out all over the wooden floors in every patch of sunlight as the day progressed, and my training run turned positively sweltering once I got going. Once again, the park was covered in illegal barbecue grills and footballs. I tried very hard to focus on my intervals, but had some negative inner monologue that music couldn’t drown out. At least I got through without giving up, and week three of the nine-week training is complete.

On my way home, I stopped to snap this clematis on a neighbour’s fence. The daffodils and hyacinths are all gone, and the cherry blossoms too, but the clematis is thriving. Is summer on its way?

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