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Day 174 of Project 365: Brain Storms

Day 174 of Project 365: Brain Storms by cygnoir
Day 174 of Project 365: Brain Storms, a photo by cygnoir on Flickr.

Earlier today, I heard some scuffling noises from FunkyPlaid’s study, and then FunkyPlaid shouting, "Torgi!" Sometimes when Torgi gets startled, he digs his claws in and jumps off FunkyPlaid’s lap, causing this type of reaction, so I didn’t think too much of it.

The scuffling noises continued, as did the shouting, and then the tone of the shouting changed. I have never heard that tone in FunkyPlaid’s voice before. In a second, I was in his study, where I saw him kneeling before Torgi, calling his name.

Torgi was having a seizure. I had seen this happen to animals and even a few people before, but FunkyPlaid hadn’t. Regardless, it was horrible to witness. I called the vet and they said to bring Torgi in as soon as we could. Once he stopped seizing, FunkyPlaid got the cat carrier assembled while I sat with Torgi, stroking him and talking softly to him. He stared vacantly for a while, just sitting in place, and then he … returned, it looked like.

I started to try and wipe the saliva from the corners of his mouth and he immediately got up and rubbed up against me. Then he heard FunkyPlaid’s voice and went to go find him. He seemed fairly normal when we got him into the carrier and to the vet. The vet says he is in good health, and didn’t see the need for blood work. While she was examining Torgi, he curled up on his side and snuggled FunkyPlaid’s arm.

We brought Torgi home and he hid under the chair for a few hours, bathing himself, then came out for dinner. He seems to be fully recovered, although he is a bit restless and less cuddly than usual right now. Bedtime is his favourite time because he loves to snuggle in between us like a person with his head on the pillow. I am looking so forward to that tonight that I might go to bed extra-early.

The vet informed us about seizures, and of course I’ve been doing my own research. This may be a one-off thing and mean nothing for his long-term health, or it may be something else. We just don’t know. We’re keeping a close eye on our sweet boy.

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