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Day 168 of Project 365: Small World

Tonight, our friends Seth and Lara joined us for takeaway curry and board games. We played Small World, which is a game I've been curious about for quite some time, recently on my mind due to the first TableTop episode. It did not disappoint. I think it is a ten-times-cleverer version of Risk, and I look forward to playing it again.

Day 168 of Project 365: Small World

Something this move has taught me is the true value of friendship. I'd like to say that I already had a good idea of this, being thirty-mumble years old, but I hadn't. There are many layers to friendship, and most of them aren't the kind we see on the screen and in greeting cards. This move would have been brutal without the support of our friends, both near and far. During moments like tonight, laughing together over imaginary rat warriors, I am particularly grateful.

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