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Day 157 of Project 365: Grassmarket

After being in the house for most of the week, my errand excursion into the world of the living today was quite eventful. I got over the initial disappointment of the library not being able to find the book I placed on hold, and headed off in the general direction of burritos! For there was a birthday burrito to bring home to a nearly-birthday-having FunkyPlaid.

Somehow, and I am still not sure how other than thinking, "I need to be down a level from here," I figured out how to get from one part of my mental map to another part of my mental map with no wrong turns. I even got to wander through the Grassmarket on the way. Here, the Castle doesn't so much loom as it bear-hugs your eyeballs. 

Day 157 of Project 365: Grassmarket

As often happens when I stop to take a picture, someone else stopped and took the same picture. (This is because I am extremely new and thus taking all the touristy shots.) I attempted to joke with the suit-wearing snapper next to me, "Thanks for stealing my idea." He replied soberly and with a thick burr, "Grrrreat view."

Tonight we began FunkyPlaid's birthday weekend celebrations with friends, eating much Thai food and drinking many liquids. There were great views on the way there and back, but I let someone else take the pictures.

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