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Day 156 of Project 365: Bugging Out

FunkyPlaid alerted me to the presence of a weird foreign bug in the kitchen, and I let out a whoop of excitement. Aside from some tiny moths, I haven't seen many bugs here, and I really like bugs.

This little guy was on the kitchen tile near our kettle. I think he was a weevil of some sort. I took his photo and then trapped him between a glass and an index card to release him outside.

Day 156 of Project 365: Bug

Do I have any bug identifiers who can confirm my guess? After some research, it looks like a black vine weevil to me.

If my level of excitement over a weevil is any indication, I need to leave the house tomorrow. Good thing I have a library book to pick up: Dan Simmons' "Hyperion" is the May pick for the Sword and Laser book club. It has been recommended to me countless times, less than a week ago by Gingiber, and so I am going to go for it.

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