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Day 152 of Project 365: Cornered

I always have such lofty plans for the day after the semester ends. I will read an entire book! I will restart my knitting projects! I will finish my pen-pal letters! I will go for an extra-long run!

Not quite. I barely moved. I did venture out for mini-pizza toppings. While walking down the street, I like to peek inside the windows of the ground-floor flats. Whilst being a nosey neighbour tonight, I accidentally made eye-contact with a gentleman smoking a cigarette in his garden. We were both careful to pretend it did not happen, something I am beginning to understand is an important aspect of life here.

Day 152 of Project 365: Cornered

I pass this corner sometimes. It just looks a bit run-down in the evening, but it gets truly spooky-looking at night, so I'll have to bring my dSLR and tripod back sometime.

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