Day 146 of Project 365: Half a Year

I missed the half-year mark, so I'm circling back around to it with a photograph from this afternoon.

Day 146 of Project 365: Half a Year

In the six months I have been here, I have learned:

  • how to get to the library, any number of shops, and my volunteering post without getting lost
  • how to pay with pounds sterling (even coins) without freaking out that I am holding up the queue
  • to call it a "queue" and not a "line" (and a "till" instead of a "register")
  • that yes, that's the Castle
  • that it may be snowing in the backyard while the sun is shining in the front yard
  • that Vitamin D and light boxes are worth the expense
  • that I do not want to live in a world without Skype, iChat, Google+ and anything else that lets me see the people I miss
  • that gluten-free options in this country kick the ass of anything I've seen in the States
  • that all that fuss about bringing the cats over was totally worth it
  • lots about cooking because of all the practice, and it's great
  • that making new friends involves a certain degree of flailing, and that's okay
  • that there is very little that a hot shower or cup of tea cannot fix

I feel like I am finally getting past the twitchy, nervous part and seeing the adventure in my life now.

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