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Day 144 of Project 365: Hello Tony

My friend Tony's birthday is tomorrow, and his girlfriend Rebecca has done something amazing for him.

Here's my belated contribution, courtesy of the nestcam:

Day 144 of Project 365: Hello Tony

Tony and I met online about thirteen and a half years ago, coincidentally around the time I started goofing off with my webcam. Because I just sifted through all of that email, I had the unique experience of reliving that time. There were so many bizarre, emotionally fraught incidents happening to, around, and because of me that I am a little surprised when friends from that time still speak to me. But some of them do, and I am glad.

Today I am particularly glad of Tony's continued presence in my life, Tony of the endless generosity, of the heart the size of a small planet, and of the weather reports more literary and engaging than most novels I've read. Happy birthday, old friend.

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