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Day 140 of Project 365: Personal Growth

What we thought was a Christmas cactus now appears to be a Christmas-and-Easter cactus.

Day 140 of Project 365: Personal Growth

It's been a bit of a bummer around here lately, and I apologise. On a positive note, I have been doing some writing offline -- diary and fiction both -- and it has cleared some of the junk out of my head.

Speaking of clearing junk, I have been sifting through and consolidating fourteen years of email archives as part of leaving Gmail for, a terrific company whose Mailstore service I highly recommend. Talk about a cheerer-upper! I love archives, even small and mundane ones like email archives. And I have been quite heartened by the fact that so many things that used to upset me no longer matter. I think that means I have more perspective than I used to have. I hope that is true.

Then I found this quotation from Rumi, which I used in an email signature for a while:

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment."

Extra yes.

Three things made me unbelievably happy today. The first was watching this short film about Caine's Arcade:

[vimeo 40000072 w=500 h=281]

The second was signing up for The Listserve:

[youtube [](])

The third was FunkyPlaid returning from errands with gluten-free bread and Cadbury eggs.

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