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Day 139 of Project 365: Cuddler

Every night, Torgi follows me into bed and curls up next to me with his head on my pillow. Within a matter of minutes I cannot keep my eyes open. He does the same after he eats his breakfast each morning, if I am dumb enough to go back to bed "just for a few minutes."

This morning it happened in a particularly egregious manner. There I was, all ready to hop up and greet the day, and I decided a few more minutes of sleep couldn't hurt. Torgi settled in, and that was that.

For three and a half hours.

Day 139 of Project 365: Cuddler

I have known cats who enjoy cuddling, but never a cat whose entire existence seems predicated on when next he can cuddle people so hard they fall asleep and cannot get out of bed.

Right now he is waiting for me, exactly where I photographed him, and I am already starting to yawn …

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