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Day 136 of Project 365: Routines

While browsing the "Get Things Done" section of the App Store tonight, I found an app that might fix my scheduling panic. It's called Daily Routine, and it does what it sounds like.

I wish I were one of those people who can just remember to do things, but the sad truth is that I spend a lot of time as nothing more than a brain carrying-case. This is one of the reasons why I love running so much: it gets me outside and out of my own head.

Despite years of dance lessons and cheerleading, I spent much of my life as the butt of every athletic joke. Now I don't. I love to run, and this year I will run a 5k. But I still need a reminder to be more than a carrying-case for my brain, so the routines come in handy.

Day 136 of Project 365: Routines

Something I love about this app (that is not pictured) is how it integrates with my calendar, so I can see what I have scheduled and how it interacts with the routines I want to accomplish each day.

I have long suspected that the source of my scheduling panic is not knowing exactly how long it takes me to accomplish certain things. Instead of whittling away work until it is finished, working in shorter increments with established breaks will help me get a better grasp on timing.

Also not pictured: scheduled time to write. Hell yes!

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