My friend Adam told this amusing and true story recently for the Lifeline Theatre Storytelling Project in Chicago. An excerpt:

Now, I was 14, and I’d smoked some pot, but I hadn’t really found it to be all that interesting. But I had friends that were into it, and I was suddenly filled with what I would later realize was the desire to be the “playmaker.” The guy who gets the assist. So that when I was hanging out with friends and someone asked, “Does anybody have any weed?” I could casually say, “Oh, uh, hey, I’ve got some.” And everybody would remember me as the guy who, that one time, had some pot.

And I had money. And it was just burning a hole in my pocket.

While you're reading the rest of "The Trooper" on Adam's website, check out his NaNoWriMo excerpts. They are less true but no less amusing.