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Day 108 of Project 365: Bangers and Mash

Day 108 of Project 365: Bangers and Mash by cygnoir
Day 108 of Project 365: Bangers and Mash, a photo by cygnoir on Flickr.

I made another recipe from the cookbook I received as a birthday gift, Cooking Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free: 200 Recipes for Coeliacs, Wheat, Dairy and Lactose Intolerants. This one was a spin on traditional bangers and mash. The mash consisted of potato, sweet potato, parsnip, and celeriac, an interesting combination of flavours. (The sausages were purchased, not made.)

There is a whole section on desserts that I have been avoiding. Gluten-free baking still intimidates me, and I need to get over it soon because that chocolate-hazelnut roulade is not going to make itself.

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