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Day 96 of Project 365: Labradorite

Still more catch-up. I should be synchronised again on Tuesday evening.

It was Homework Fiesta Monday today so there is not much to report. My labradorite necklace was on my desk as I wrangled some JavaScript tutorials, so I took a snap of it.

FunkyPlaid had already left for Scotland, and I was behind with the cats, finishing up my job at the university library, taking care of the last-minute moving details. It was a very strange time, both too long and too short, and I was incredibly restless. Sometimes I would hop off Muni 2 or 3 miles from home just to walk the rest of the distance.

I wanted to make sure I was seeing enough of San Francisco before I left, I guess.

One walk home, I stopped in at this little shop I'd passed by many times. The sign said something about tarot, something about magick. I stopped in anyway.

The shop cat wandered over to me soon after I entered, and as I browsed a small table with jewellery on it, she pushed her head into my hand for pets, over and over. I half-heartedly scritched her as a particular necklace caught my attention.

"She likes you," said the shop-owner, smiling brightly at me. I automatically smiled back, still unfocused and restless. My fingers had found a spirally bit of cord to fiddle with when I asked the cat's name.


I felt a pang, as I always do and always will when I hear that name. My dear, dead Gracie, the best black lab in the world.

I bought the necklace. I wear it often. The shop-owner said labradorite is for transformation and confidence. It's for something else, too.

Day 96 of Project 365: Labradorite

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