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Day 84 of Project 365: Beware the Avocado Masher

I tried to make baked eggs in avocados for lunch and failed. I didn't even get to use the avocado tool, because I stabbed the pits with the knife before I realised I had a fancy scooper thing.

84.365: Beware the Avocado Masher

If I ever need to make a ton of guacamole, I'm ready.

I am extremely out of sorts today, which I can't even blame on seeing "Wild at Heart" on the big screen last night, though it was mightily disturbing. I feel like Princeton in "Avenue Q", searching for my purpose.

I need to finish this degree -- being in grad school is like meta-living instead of living -- so I can stop thinking so damned much and get on with everything else.

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