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Day 81 of Project 365: kitchen learning

The giant supermarkets in this country are the same as the giant supermarkets in the other country, especially on Sundays, all elbows and oopses and no portobello mushrooms so I had to substitute weird giant button mushrooms in my recipe.

I watched someone walk away with my portobello mushrooms. My portobellos, mine. I could have snatched them out of his cart. Instead I shuffled the green plastic bins around over and over again, hoping for a secret stash.

If I didn't like cooking so much, I would never go to a supermarket again.

One good thing about cooking at home is that I am ensured a photo for that day. Here is our ultra-simple dinner, teriyaki mushrooms from Stephanie O'Dea's "More Make It Fast, Cook It Slow" cookbook. I served them over homemade mashed potatoes (no recipe) and a side salad (from a bag).

Easy-peasy gluten-free and vegetarian.

81.365: kitchen learning

Every time I cook, I try and note one thing I did that I liked and one thing I want to change for next time. For this meal, I really liked the taste of the sour cream instead of half-and-half in the mashed potatoes. Next time, I want to remember to slice up the beetroot for the salad -- I completely spaced it. Plain salad is boring. A proper portobello-snatcher would never, ever eat plain salad.

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