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Day 79 of Project 365: avenue q

FunkyPlaid and I went to see "Avenue Q" at the Playhouse tonight and it was excellent!

79.365: avenue q

Prior to this, my main exposure to the musical had been Hawk, who would burst into songs like "The Internet Is for Porn" with startling regularity and in the most mixed of companies. Just one of the many things I love about him. So I had a funny mixed feeling of missing Hawk intensely while appreciating the growing familiarity and affection I have for the friends we accompanied to the show.

I took a moment to steep in that feeling. It's not often that I get to see the layers of emotion as they are happening. Usually I am bowled over by it and left wondering what the hell happened hours later.

If you have a chance to see "Avenue Q" I cannot recommend it highly enough. The performers were outstanding, and the music and lyrics are clever and poignant. I laughed so hard my face hurt, and maybe got a little misty once or twice too. There was fur in my eye.

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