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Day 73 of Project 365: mad hatter

I love wearing hats, so it was strange that I was self-conscious about Ali’s request that guests wear hats to her 40th birthday bash tonight. Part of adjusting to a new culture and new circle of friends is experiencing all of those old “fitting in” worries again.

But I had nothing to worry about; my hat was the dullest of the bunch. There were so many amazing hats. If I weren’t so shy about taking strangers’ photographs, I would have captured some. Instead, I turned my cameraphone on Red Lex.

73.365: mad hatter

There were piles of candies on the tables, most of them familiar shapes with unfamiliar names. (“Smarties” are “Fizzers” here, for example.) These candies happen to be the perfect size for sneaking into brims of hats, hoods of jumpers, and pockets of purses while people are engaged in conversation. Hypothetically, of course.

I had a wonderful time at the party. And now, to bed, because Nathan arrives in the morning!

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