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Day 71 of Project 365: cooking the brains

Last October, I was so worked up about bringing the cats overseas. We had done all this research and spent all this money and still I was incredibly shaky about it. Too many things could go wrong, I thought, and I couldn't snap myself out of it. The night before the trip, I assembled the massive cat carriers and cried a little.

On our departure date, my mother-in-law transported all of us to the airport. She cranked the air-conditioning in her car up full-blast because I kept worrying about the sun cooking their little brains.

71.365: cooking the brains

Why would I ever worry?

Every single day, Zen situates herself underneath the radiator near our front door and jams her little head up underneath it. We call this "cooking the brains". She moved right before I snapped this photo tonight, but I managed to capture her in "bug" mode, on her back. Cooking the guts, I guess.

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