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Day 70 of Project 365: hazel

FunkyPlaid brought home some hazel branches from his volunteering post. It amazes me that he can have so much on his mind and so much to do yet always think of the little touches that will make our home cozier. Now we have branches in our bedroom and in his study. This is the view looking up from our guest-bed:

70.365: hazel

"Hazel" is a word I love. I have hazel eyes, which always seemed so exotic to me when I was younger, before I knew better. I love hazelnuts, and called my first web design venture "hazelnet design".

Looking at these branches, I started thinking of a project I would like to do. I hear a lot about streaks as a way to encourage the establishment of better habits. Marking each day on a calendar when you do something is a good example of a streak. But as I stared at the hazel branches I pictured covering a small branch with thin strips of silvery foil, one for each day on a good-habit streak. Instead of a calendar at the end, there would be a lovely, sparkly branch.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the manifestations of good intentions. I tracked my moods on Moodscope for a little over a month, but decided to stop because the charts and graphs seemed so arbitrary. Maybe I will make a mood-tree, and cover it with silver foil, black tar, and all the moody colors in between.

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