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Day 64 of Project 365: fumbled

Tonight Judith and I turned the corner on our walk home and I yelled "holy crap!" because I did not expect to see that. I fumbled with my iPhone and here is the result.

64.365: fumbled

I wonder when I will start expecting to see it, and if that expectation will mean that I am a little more at home.

Today was one of those all-around stellar days marred only a little by a nagging health issue (surprise surprise). Volunteering was just about perfect, with the added bonus of a conversation about personal productivity tools that made me very, very enthused and also curious if this is something I should be pursuing professionally while the library job market does its … adjustments.

A quick dash home and then back out again to meet Judith at the hair salon to take advantage of their bring a friend, get a haircut at half-price deal. It started to snow while we were inside, but we made it down to Wagamama for noodles without losing our Bond-girl blowouts, to paraphrase J.

We took a different route home, which helped me sort out another piece of the old mental map. It was a brisk single degree as Judith told me about the cherry blossoms and daffodils and crocuses that will appear all over the city in just a few short months. That tiny prediction made me suddenly and absurdly happy.

Hope is like that, I guess.

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