Day 62 of Project 365: tiny fortune-telling pig

The tiny pig was adamant. Her new tarot deck had just arrived, and she could tell my future in her cards.

Who was I to argue?

62.365: tiny fortune-telling pig

  • Present: Strength, reversed.
  • Immediate challenge: Nine of Pentacles.
  • Distant past: Knight of Swords.
  • Recent past: Nine of Swords.
  • Best outcome: Eight of Swords.
  • Immediate future: Ten of Pentacles.
  • Factors affecting this situation: Four of Pentacles.
  • External influences: Three of Pentacles.
  • Hopes and fears: Five of Pentacles.
  • Final outcome: Queen of Cups.

That's as far as the pig got. She is still learning how to interpret the cards. And needs to shuffle better.

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