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Day 61 of Project 365: new recipe

FunkyPlaid and I stayed up very late to watch the Niners game. Actually, I was up already, finishing an assignment a whole day early -- crazy, I know, but I just wanted it to be done already -- and wandered in front of the TV for the last quarter.

The best part of the game was the chatter, and I don't mean from the Sky Sports commentators.

When technology makes the world a little smaller, I fall in love with both all over again.

Day two of light therapy treatment went much better. I dropped the level down to 25% and felt pretty good. No naps today, either. And no crying. Those statements make me sound much more pathetic than I feel.

Tonight I tried a new recipe, pesto polenta lasagne. (Thanks for the suggestion, Trinkers.)

61.365: new recipe

Purty, right? It tasted … okay. But I can't blame the recipe. I made a number of rookie mistakes. I didn't find pre-cooked polenta so I made it from a box and it was not great. The jar of gluten-free pesto I picked up was similarly not-great. Also, I mistook the amount of marinara sauce I needed, and that marinara sauce was also not-great. Next time I will try it with my own marinara and pesto and proper polenta. And maybe a glass of wine, so the mistakes don't matter so much.

Food, I love you so much that you get your own category.

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