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Day 60 of Project 365: boo-hoo-lean

My presentation went off the rails. I actually said "dire repercussions to the fabric of space-time."

60.365: boo-hoo-lean

The day started out great. I woke up on time and got settled in front of my computer and new SAD light. During the fifteen-minute treatment at 50% strength, I felt pretty good, and immediately afterwards I was energized and excited about craft day later in the afternoon.

Less than an hour later, I was nauseous, headachy, and the energized feeling had worn off into a bad caffeine buzz feeling.

So no crafts for me, just grocery shopping and homework and a little crying in between those two because … well, no real "because". I guess that is why they call it a disorder. Sadness for no reason is lame.

With the day I've had, talking about the fabric of the space-time continuum was a pretty logical endpoint.

So we'll try the SAD light again tomorrow at 25%.

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