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Day 55 of Project 365: mossty

It hasn't been as cold as I thought it might be. I've confirmed from a number of native sources that winter has indeed been mild this year.

However, this afternoon there was frost on the moss near my volunteering post. And so a portmanteau was coined: moss + frosty = mossty!

55.365: mossty

I am going to have to go back to this spot with my macro lens. Or … anywhere in Scotland, really. It's a mossy place, and I like it.

Speaking of my macro lens, it still exists, as does the rest of my proper camera gear. Not that you'd know it from my recent snaps. Plans are in the works now for some photo outings with like-minded friends. I am looking forward to stretching those muscles again.

Now taking requests for local photos you'd like to see done with some attention to detail! Post 'em in the comments.

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