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Day 52 of Project 365: social (second) life

This morning I got all worked up about an email on my school's listserv about how social networks don't really build community online. I was properly fuming over it … and it wasn't even 9am. It did not bode well for the rest of my Saturday.

So I made a decision not to think about anything school- or work-related all day today.

It was a great success. Among other things, I spent some time with friends in Second Life, something I hadn't done for a couple of months. I was even able to make my friend Lou's weekly trivia game.

Here is a snap of Lou and me after the game, enjoying our "non-existent" online community.

52.365: social (second) life

For decades now, I have spent time connecting with people online. Some of my closest friendships are with people I rarely, if ever, see in person. It no longer seems strange to me, but I understand how it could seem strange to others. I value online and offline friendships for different reasons, and am very fortunate to have the benefits of both.

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