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Day 50 of Project 365: well-trained

Day 50 already! And what a day it was ...

Waking up this morning was a struggle because I had stayed up a bit late the night before playing board games with friends. We played two games I had never played before, Condottiere and Glen More, and I had a blast. I am eager to participate in weekly game nights this semester, since my workload is much lighter.

I am also unemployed again. So there's that.

Anyway, this morning was a bit rough, transit-wise, and I have nothing to blame but my ridiculous over-confidence. When my volunteering shift was halfway through, I went to get a coffee in the canteen, like I usually do to (a) stay awake, because fiddling with metadata on a less-than-full-night's recharge can be brutal, and (b) if I pay for it with a pound, I get back 30p for bus fare home.

If I don't pay with my last pound.

So I had an adventure to go on immediately after my shift ended. I remembered that FunkyPlaid went to a store somewhere nearby while I interviewed back in November, so I walked until I found that place, which happened to have an ATM. Then I bought something cheap so I could get bus fare, but by that time I was very close to a train station and not very close to any bus lines I knew.

And I can never resist the siren song of a train station.

50.365: well-trained

I meant to get off the train earlier, I really did, but I was too entranced so I ended up at Waverley. Despite the many closures for construction, I was thrilled to wander around that part of town for a little bit, people-watching and eavesdropping. I counted eight different languages spoken by passersby while on my way to the Royal Mile. From there, I dropped by the Central Library to finally pick up my PIN and reserve some books.

On the way home, I picked up a chicken and new potatoes to roast. I was a little nervous about that since I had never done it before, but this Simon Hopkinson person knows what's what. Here is the result:

first roasted chicken

All in all, it has been a wonderful twenty-four hours.

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