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Shepherd's pie.

Here is another post about food instead of about anything else, because food is easier to talk about.

Although FunkyPlaid does an excellent job looking after me, I do not do the best job looking after myself. I have allowed myself to be a bit overrun by deadlines and responsibilities, and haven’t carved out enough time to just sit in one place and not do anything. I even have a China Miéville book on my nightstand that has been sorely neglected.

Because of my mental state, I have been falling back on old recipes for dinner. Not so tonight, when I decided to make Alton Brown’s recipe for shepherd’s pie.

This involved a trip to Waitrose, which I love. It is very posh and has nearly everything … except for a glass baking dish, which we neglected to pack, so I had to do some on-the-fly adjustments.

shepherd's pie, ingredients

I was skeptical of these adjustments until most of the hard work had been completed. Then I decided that no matter what happened, I was going to devour it because it smelled so good.

shepherd's pie, in progress

Lucky for us, it tasted good too!

shepherd's pie, ready to eat

Despite the preponderance of iPhone photos, my dSLR still exists. I just haven’t had the wherewithal to reacquaint myself with it yet. Soon, soon. First there is a glass of wine …

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