Simplest sauce.

There is plenty to report, but no time, so here is my pinboard of home cooking. There are just a few photos up now, but I hope the collection will grow as we continue to explore our new culinary horizons.

Dinner tonight involved an old standby, this excellent recipe for tomato sauce with butter and onions. It is not only tasty but very easy and inexpensive to make.

Simplest sauce.

  • Two 400g tins of organic peeled tomatoes: £1.50.
  • One organically-grown yellow onion: £0.25.
  • One 240g packet of organic unsalted butter (only used 70g): £1.50.
  • One 500g packet of Doves Farm organic brown rice fusilli (only used 200g): £2.50.
Approximate total cost of two servings: £3.50.

Simplest pasta.

Share a simple yet tasty recipe in the comments, won’t you?

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