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Visiting St Andrews.

Due to an international banking error -- those are fun, let me tell you -- we do not have a car yet. FunkyPlaid wanted to show Mike around outside the city, so he rented a car and the three of us sped off to St Andrews.

I hate being the little old lady in the front seat, clutching her purse, but there I was, incredibly nerve-wracked by the seemingly arbitrary rules of the road. I loosened up a bit with the M90's standard highway-ness. Still, it is embarrassing and disappointing to be so thrown by UK driving.

Our visit was entirely worth the stress, of course. 

Not only did we get to show Mike around, but we ran into another friend from the store who is a first-year at the university. Small world, indeed. We all ended up in the Central for lunch, where we were joined by FunkyPlaid's advisor, two other PhD candidates, and a prospective history student. The prospective student was staying in Edina, so we gave her a lift back to the city and she stayed for supper. Or dinner. I am confused by the difference. But Mike made delicious risotto and veggies, to which I added some basic balsamic chicken bits, and we enjoyed a nice evening meal together no matter what it might be called.

During our short jaunt around St Andrews, I envied Mike his dSLR and for the thousandth time wished I had not entrusted my own to a shipment along with all of my winter coats and hats. Some cameraphone shots will have to suffice for now.

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