First day in Edinburgh.

FunkyPlaid and I ran some errands today, then met friends for lunch at the Basement and then a nice walk to Calton Hill.
[gallery link="none" columns="2" size="medium" type="rectangular" ids="91554,91555,91556,91557,91559,91560"] Waking up this morning was surreal. Ah, vacation, I thought, and then: why are the cats here? When making an appointment for next week, I was startled by the emptiness of my calendar. I said, "whenever is best for you," and sincerely meant it. Without 3G, I am a little untethered from the datastreams, which leaves me a little antsy. While walking around today, I wished for Google Maps on my iPhone a hundred times. At least I have really knowledgeable and patient guides. I planned to write about my travel day(s), but truly they were as standard as they get, aside from the cats, but all my fretting was unfounded because they were well cared for each step of the way and have already begun to relax in their new home. FunkyPlaid met me at EDI with a massive bouquet with white roses and sea holly (one of our wedding flowers) in one hand and a box of gluten-free jaffa cakes in the other. Tell me he's not the best ever. Speaking of which, our marriage turns one year old in just a few minutes.
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