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Prescreen "Missing Pieces" for $4.


Missing Pieces DVD

Missing Pieces is a story about a man who’s lost everything and his misguided attempts to put it back together. An emotional enigma about love and loneliness… and a kidnapping.

David (Mark Boone Jr. - Sons of Anarcy, Batman Begins, Memento) tries again and again to win back the love of his life, Delia (Melora Walters - Magnolia, Cold Mountain, Big Love), but she’s not having it. As the situation turns hopeless, David concocts a master scheme that will surely win her back and turn it around.

Through interwoven, poignant vignettes, this multi-plot tale unfolds and untangles into a truly unique and heartfelt love story about finding hope when all is lost.

Now we all get to watch this movie, and for less than the price of a movie ticket! It's only $4 through Prescreen for the next twelve hours, and $8 after that until 21 November. (Thanks to Kenton Bartlett for the heads up. Best of luck with your movie!)

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