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HIDWtS: Holiday catch-up edition.

The past few days have been spent in a homework daze peppered with obsessive Google+ fidgeting, and then I actually left the house on Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday to do offline things, which was weird and also good. But now there is catching up to do!

This morning, I boarded a mostly-full shuttle and beelined for the newspaper-reader. Yes, that’s right, crinkly, smudge-prone pages and all. My reasoning is simple: every time I sit near someone reading a physical newspaper, I get the news. Either the reader tells me something interesting (to them only, maybe) that is happening, or I peep the pages myself.

Sure, I could buy a paper, or read the news on my phone, but I have extremely low initiative when it comes to things that are boring and repetitive. Both of those solutions require me to do the boring thing, whereas sitting newspaper-adjacent only requires me being a receptive or perceptive person.

Sadly, newspaper-readers are rarely spotted on my shuttle, and people really don’t like it when you attempt some surreptitious Kindle-peeping.

Also, I like the rustle noises.

HIDWtS Rating: Pulpy.

[box type=“shadow”]I ride a shuttle to work. It is a really nice shuttle and the first time I have ever had this luxury, causing me to overthink pretty much every aspect of it, especially where to sit. And now I overthink where I decide to sit in every open-seating situation, so Iā€™m writing about it in a series called How I Decide Where to Sit.[/box]

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