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HIDWtS: Smell ya later.

Today the shuttle was nearly full when I boarded, so I chose the seat next to the person who looked like she smelled good.

I know I didn’t include this in my rule set, but that’s because I hadn’t realized it was a rule before today. So here is my new rule set:

  1. Sit in empty row.
  2. Sit next to someone who looks like they smell good.
  3. Sit next to someone who looks like they smell neither good nor bad.
  4. Sit in rumble seat.
  5. Sit next to someone who looks like they smell bad.
  6. Stand in aisle.


I love the sense of smell. I enjoy wearing essential oil, and I enjoy trying to guess what others are wearing, too. Sometimes I even enjoy trying to discern bad smells, but not enough to willingly sit next to them.

Today’s revelation was that I would rather sit uncomfortably than smell something bad for twenty minutes, but I would rather smell something bad than aisle-surf.

I was in luck today, because the woman I sat next to smelled like freshly-cut grass and roses.

HIDWtS Rating: Inexplicably, someone always smells like watermelon Dum-Dums.

[box type=“shadow”]I ride a shuttle to work. It is a really nice shuttle and the first time I have ever had this luxury, causing me to overthink pretty much every aspect of it, especially where to sit. And now I overthink where I decide to sit in every open-seating situation, so I’m writing about it in a series called How I Decide Where to Sit.[/box]

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