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Life three months after Facebook.

Something Facebook-related happened today, and since I closed my account three months ago, it was time for an update.

This morning, one of my former coworkers emailed me to let me know that another former coworker had died recently. She very helpfully included some information, including a link to his memorial website, which mentions that his family and friends are posting photographs to his Facebook page.

We weren’t close, but I still wanted to see the photos and remember him a little. This exemplifies the only thing I really resent about Facebook. It functions just as it is supposed to – show these things to only these people, and exclude the rest – but in the case of someone’s death, the assumption is that only the person’s closest friends are the ones who want to say goodbye.

Otherwise, I am not suffering from FOMO. My social life is just fine. I am lucky that I have had a website for a while, so folks can find me if they look. But if they are not around to look …


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