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HIDWtS: Inappropriate footwear for the Apocalypse.

The fog is back. Yesterday morning it was 70 degrees at 7am. Today it was in the fifties and foggy. I’ll let you guess which I prefer as I don my sweater, scarf, coat, and boots.

After a night of disturbing dreams – which I cannot blame solely on “The Wire” but I probably should not be watching that right before bed – I stumbled through my morning ablutions and to Muni. Again, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I keep getting on Muni despite knowing how slow and problematic it is. It’s a sickness. I just want to live in a real city with real public transit, and I am willing to pretend if that’s what it takes. (Note: that is not what it takes.)

Got The Pocket and had one blissful stop before the Blockit was filled. The passenger had gold metallic flats on, which I remembered is a Hot Trend in Footwear according to the Style Channel, which I watched once for five minutes before realizing that it was pure, distilled evil. But I do admire flats-wearers. As a person with no arches, I am not masochistic enough to wear flats, so I console myself with the knowledge that flats are inappropriate footwear for the coming Apocalypse. My feet will be ready.

new boots, old tights

But back to today! Gold-Footed Blockit sat, shuffled through her purse for her phone, and immediately entered an extremely animated conversation. On public transit. Next to me.

Blah blah blah, demise of civilization due to lack of manners, blah. Here is where I thank Etymotic (who is not paying me to say this) for making the outstanding mc3 earbuds. Thanks to them, I enjoyed the Judge John Hodgman podcast so much that I missed my shuttle stop entirely. I still got to work early, and now I know about Etymotic’s programmable noise-isolation app, Awareness, so I don’t risk that again.

HIDWtS Rating: John Hodgman. That is all.

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