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HIDWtS: You snooze, you don't lose.

Today’s episode of How I Decide Where to Sit was brought to you by the letter Z, the letter Z, and the letter Z.

I was all on time, all over on time, all up on time, and various other prepositional phrases. But I was sooooo sleepy. (FunkyPlaid and I had gotten home pretty late from the Scrabble tournament, and then watched an episode of “The Wire” instead of going straight to sleep. So irresponsible, but so worth it.) I decided I was too sleepy to walk to the shuttle stop, so I took a lazy Muni ride. But everything was great. I had The Pocket, and no Blockit (the aisle seat next to it). Then a Blockit with a yoga mat sat down, emanating crazy amounts of body heat, perhaps from Bikram.

So I promptly fell asleep.

I should note that it doesn’t take a cozy, warm seat for me to fall asleep. If I am tired, I fall asleep pretty much anywhere. (Every car passenger seat I’ve been in for more than twenty minutes, on the toilet, in the bath, in the shower while leaning against the wall, bench outside a Dunkin Donuts, dentist’s chair during a routine cleaning, ferris wheel at a state fair.) I am not narcoleptic, just easily lulled by repetitive sounds. This is both very handy and incredibly dangerous.

Today it was neither! But it proved extra-exciting because I woke up exactly as the train was pulling away from my shuttle stop. Even though I have a very clear picture of when appropriate naptime is, like this:

What happened today went like this:

I would like to say that I rode the rest of the way to work in horrified certainty that I would be late, but instead I shrugged and went back to sleep. And I got to work right on time.

HIDWtS Rating: Looking forward to the nap ride home!

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