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HIDWtS: No choice at all.

Today’s How I Decide Where to Sit is subtitled “And that is all my fault.” My cold/flu hybrid illness has been hanging on since Memorial Day weekend, despite my best attempts to sneeze, cough, walk, sleep, and vitamin it off. This morning I hid in bed for a little too long before getting ready. This is where you might lecture me about staying home from work while sick, and I might agree with you, but I obsess over not taking too much sick-time because, let’s face it, the American working world can be a little crazy about sick-time. This may be because we don’t get enough vacation time, so people use sick-time for non-sick reasons, making legitimately sick sick-time look suspect. And if you type “sick” enough in one sentence it starts to look hilarious.

Anyway, by the time I was ready to start this morning’s commute, I realized that without Muni’s cooperation I was not going to make it on time. That is a stark realization to have, because Muni is known for being the exact opposite of cooperative. My only chance was to skip the work shuttle entirely and hope nothing horrible (like the horrible thing that just happened yesterday) happened.

I boarded, sat in The Pocket, and read “A Clash of Kings”. Someone sat next to me about halfway through and took her iPad out of a very expensive-looking purse made out of the loveliest olive-green leather. We were iPad reading buddies the rest of the way. (I peeked but couldn’t figure out which book she was reading. I saw “Castle” capitalized that way, so it could have been a fantasy story or Richard Castle fanfic. If the latter, I hope it was Booth/Castle slash.)


Without incident, Muni deposited me near work and I walked briskly the rest of the way, making it just on time.

HIDWtS Rating: I really want a new purse.

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