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HIDWtS: Primal urges.

Today’s episode of How I Decide Where to Sit is sponsored by that weird impulse to run for the shuttle even when I have decided not to run.

Tuesdays are early shuttle days because the just-on-time shuttle is usually packed, and I have already clarified my feelings on being an aisle-stander. I left the house with enough time to make the early shuttle with a Muni boost, which usually ends up being the opposite but I took the chance anyway.

I arrived a block away from the shuttle stop just as it was scheduled to leave. Recently I decided never to run for a bus because it seemed like I was always running for buses, and if my life should ever flash before my eyes, I don’t want it to be a montage of me Chariots-of-Fire-running for a freaking bus. So I told myself no way, no how would I ever be running for a bus again.

While the brain is a rock, the body is a Muppet, and sees the shuttle start to close its doors, does a frantic Kermit arm-flail, and takes off running. WHAT THE HELL, body. We DECIDED. Kermit-body is extremely pleased to catch the shuttle! Look what we did! And only a little sweaty! Rock-brain is unhappy at being shown up this way, and vindictively chooses a seat next to an unhappy-looking and tiny man.

The tiny man is so still on the way to work that I glance sideways a few times to make sure he is breathing. Also I concentrate very hard on erasing any appearance of my running from his life-flashes tape, just in case.

HIDWtS Rating: Kermit likes to RUN!

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